The little things in Bratislava

I don't just shoot the landmarks - I shoot it all!

Over the last couple of years here on the blog, I have mostly been sharing photos of the "big things" that I see when I travel somewhere: the landmarks, the iconic structures, the big churches.  And I plan to keep shooting them, because they are awesome. But all along, I have also taken a lot of shots of the "little things" that I come across in my travels as well - graffiti and interesting signs, street scenes, deserted alleyways, little European cafes - the list goes on.

In fact, I did a post a while back about the little things that I saw in Amsterdam.  And I also did an entire post about what I call "the postcard shot", and why it's not about getting the "big shots" when you travel.

So this post is similar to that one from Amsterdam, but of course from a different town.  This is from Bratislava, Slovakia which is a beautiful little town nestled next to the Danube River, and about an hour away from Vienna.  I loved it there.  I hope to return some day.

I was there over 2 years ago, and still have plenty of photos to share from that trip.  And by the way, when I was there I met up and shot with Miroslav Petrasko, who is a local, a great photographer, and all-around awesome guy.  You should follow his blog too!  You will find some amazing photos to enjoy.

So these are just some random snaps from that trip.  No order to them, no theme or anything - just things that I saw while wandering, that happened to catch my eye.  While a number of these include graffiti or look a little grungy, the city is actually quite beautiful and well worth a visit!  Just want to be clear about that!  :-)

And as you can probably tell from the pics...I just love doors.


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