The incredible neon in Nashville

Do you love neon signs as much as I do?

I have a serious thing for neon signs.  They seem to just scream "Americana" to me.  I'm certain they are not exclusive to the US, but with the wide usage of them back in the mid-20th century here, they seem to be a hallmark of the old days in this country.   

I just love to see them, and of course photograph them.  So on my recent trip to Nashville, I made a point of getting downtown to Broadway Avenue a couple of times, so that I could do just that!

For the uninitiated, Broadway Avenue in downtown Nashville, TN is pretty much the center of their entertainment district, and it's populated with a LOT of country and western bars, honky-tonks, restaurants, shops and of course - AMAZING NEON SIGNS!  Click!

Every time I go to Nashville, this is a place I end up shooting.  It's just that awesome.  So I spent a fair bit of time here last week, firing away, wandering, firing again, taking a few steps and firing's rather addictive.  Well, to me at least.  So here's a collection of shots.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed shooting them!  

And if you know any other towns with a great collection of signs like this, let me know!  (Las Vegas for sure!)

(click any photo to view in a lightbox)