Sunset in Montpellier

Tired or not, you gotta go shoot when the light is like this!

As you probably know if you visit here enough, I just got back from France. The first part of my trip was to southern France, specifically the city of Montpellier.  Although I couldn't find too much online about great spots to shoot there (and thus didn't have high expectations), I found the city to be rather beautiful, and lively too since it's a college town.

Whenever I fly over to Europe, that always involves a night in a plane thanks to the time changes and distance.  What that really means is that I do not sleep that night.  I just can't get comfortable enough on a plane to get any sleep.  I try, and I try, but it never works.

So I read or write, and generally try not to think about it.  Sometimes that works.

But regardless, whenever I arrive I am always pretty tired.  However I choose to stay up and get myself into a pattern on the new time zone, so it's usually a long day and an early night.  But of course when I arrive in a new city for the first time (such as Montpellier), I find it too irresistible to stay in for long, and thus end up walking around and taking some photos.

I got into my hotel that afternoon at about 3:30pm and since sunset was at 5pm, I didn't really waste any time sitting around and unpacking.  I had to get out and explore!  So I wandered for a little while, and when I found the light starting to come together to form a glorious sunset, I set up in their town square (known as Place de la Comedie) and fired off a bunch of shots.

Then, I slept for 14 hours.  It felt great!