iPhone fun in Montpellier, France

Wow, what a great little town in southern France!

As this post goes live, I am wrapping up what has been 2 amazing weeks in France.  Yes, you read that right.  I have been in France for almost 2 weeks, and it has been incredible.  What a country!

The first part of the trip was down to lovely Montpellier, near the southern coast, for several days, and that's what this post is mostly about.  But I am writing this from an apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris, where I have been ever since, and which I am loving.  Paris is amazing, but more on that later.  Today I'm talking 'bout Montpellier.

Before I traveled to Montpellier, I did the usual internet searches for cool stuff to shoot and all that, and really didn't turn up a whole lot.  I just couldn't find very much written about the town, and thus my expectations were set pretty low.

But I have to say that I really loved the place, and hope that I can return some day.  It's a beautiful town and the historic town center is fairly compact and easily walkable, which is great with me.  I love to walk with a camera and check out places.

It didn't hurt that I was treated to two fabulous sunsets in a row, with an incredible sunrise coming in between them.  I was awed at having such incredible light on several outings!

So here are some iPhone shots from the road (I rarely take my big laptop and process my "real" photos on the road).  I took all these over the course of a few days last week in Montpellier, and processed them all in Snapseed, which is pretty much all I use now on my iPhone.  That app is hard to beat.  

I will be back soon with a LOT more from here as well as about 2 million photos from Paris!!

(click any photo to enlarge)

And by the way, to all my American friends, please enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!