Hanging with the dead in Questa, NM

I don't usually go shoot at a cemetery - but in this case, it was hard to resist!

I was in Red River, New Mexico for a vacation with the family last summer, and of course just had to get out and shoot a bit.  (Ok, a LOT.)  But anyways, one thing that I wanted to shoot was the Wild Rivers Recreation Area outside of Questa, NM - basically, about a 30 minute drive from where we were staying.  Close enough to squeeze in one afternoon!

So I headed out that way and did a fair bit of shooting, though my favorite part of that area was the road shots I was getting.  With mountains in the background and amazing clouds overhead, it was hard to resist, and pretty easy to get some amazing photos.  In fact, I wrote a blog post about the road shot, where I took the same photo but adjusted it with 8 different software packages, with lots of different results.  Check that out and let me know what you think!

Anyways, once I was done there, I started heading back to Red River, and before I got very far I was upon this little church and cemetery, which are just outside of Questa.  Actually, they are pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  Questa was a couple of miles away.

So of course I stopped to pay my respects and once again, that amazing sky and mountains in the background just had me drooling.  Coming from Texas, this is not stuff I get to see too often.  So even though a cemetery and a fairly plain church may not be my usual subjects, I am a sucker for wicked clouds and looming mountains.

In some ways, this just screams "the old West" to me, as though it's something you would find on a wagon trail 200 years ago.  Well, except for the paved road and that shop in Questa, of course!