A Visual Tour of Chateau De Chenonceau

Here are 20 photos that will make you want to drop everything and run off to France!

I'm not going to lie - France is pretty freaking awesome.  You've read that before, seen the pictures, and hopefully experienced it yourself.  And it's true.  That country has a LOT going for it.  Oh, boy does it ever.

I loved it on my last visit there, which was about a year and a half ago.  I took the family over, and we spent several days exploring 5 of the fabulous Chateaux in the Loire Valley.  It was amazing, but honestly it felt like we just saw the tip of the iceberg.  I could spend months (maybe years!) exploring just the Loire Valley and all the Chateaux there, and that's just a tiny section of France.

Don't even get me started on Paris.

Here on the blog I have been changing things up a bit, dropping my old habit earlier this year of posting a single photo from a trip, and instead have been expanding the posts to include many more photos, in hopes of giving you a deeper glimpse into whatever it is I am photographing.  That of course means fewer posts, but in my opinion, you are getting better posts.  I hope you agree.  It's certainly more fun for me, despite the increase in work.

Well, today's post goes even deeper.  This time, it's 20 photos of Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley.  Yes, 20.  This may be my longest post ever.  But this place is so deserving.

This chateau was by far my favorite of the 5 that we saw.  You may have seen one of my previous semi-lengthy posts about Chambord, which is the biggest chateau in the valley (if not, click through, you will like it!).  While Chenonceau cannot lay claim to being the biggest, in my opinion it certainly takes the crown for most beautiful.

(And you can view my list of 5 Amazing Chateaux in the Loire Valley here

Sitting there straddling the River Cher, with those wonderful arches and that classy combination of Gothic and Renaissance architecture...well, let's just say I was pretty taken by this place.  You see, I'm quite the fan of architecture anyways, especially Gothic and Renaissance.  It's just awesome.

We wandered the chateau and the grounds for quite a while, and of course I snapped away like a maniac the whole time.  That's just what I do.  So, grab a cup of something to sip on, and sit back and enjoy the pics.  While it's not quite like being there, you should at least get a good sense of how beautiful this place is. 

And if you ever get anywhere near the Loire Valley, put this on the top of your list!

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(click any image to enlarge)

First shot of it, while approaching...

The classic view of this wonderful place.

The grand hallway...

The door at the end of the hall.

Nice little spot to eat!

Servant!  Cook me a meal!

Looking upriver from one of the windows...those are the gardens to the left.

Looking downriver from one of the windows...

From the gardens, looking downstream at this beauty.

The view out front from upstairs

A rather nice sitting area.

A path into the gardens...

Not sure...maybe guest or servant quarters?