First look at The Sydney Opera House

Here's a few photos of that iconic Aussie building - the Sydney Opera House!

If you read my last post, then you know I spent last week Down Under in lovely Sydney, Australia.  It was quite a trip (and quite a long trip - a 16 hour flight!) but it was great overall and I came home with a lot of photos (about 2000) that I believe I will be proud of.  (I say believe because at this point I have only gone through about twenty of them.  So, lots more coming from Sydney!)

Also, I just created a list of where to take photos in Sydney - so check that out and let me know what you think!  There are 15 photos on that list, and I haven't shared them anywhere else yet!

Anyways, the Sydney Opera House is probably the best-known spot in Sydney (and probably Australia), and as such it was at the top of my list when I found out that I was headed over there.  So as soon as I arrived and got settled, I headed out to go shoot this place.

It was a beautiful evening (as you can hopefully tell by the photos) and it was great to finally see this with my own eyes, after so many years of just seeing pictures.  I walked all around Circular Quay (the main harbor front area) and shot a LOT of photos of the Opera House, so that's another way of saying you will see more at some point in the future.  I just can't bring myself to put 10 or 20 pics of the same place in one post!  (Well, maybe close to 10.)

And I call this "first look" because these are quite literally the first few shots I took of the Sydney Opera House as I made my way down to Sydney Harbor on my first night there.  As you can see, they are all from very similar angles, each slightly different in some way.  I also walked up REAL CLOSE and shot it a lot of unique ways, but alas, that will have to wait for another day!  

So, without further delay, take a look at these shots and let me know what you think!

And while I was at it, I couldn't resist taking that first photo over to Topaz Impression and doing a little painting with it!  This was done with the Van Gogh setting, with some minor adjustments.

And this version was also done in Topaz Impression, but with the Cracked Fresco setting.