It's sunny in Hawaii

Ok, I am not currently in Hawaii, but I suspect that statement is true.

It's cold here in Austin, and it's REALLY COLD in a lot of the rest of the US.  We have the whole polar vortex thing going on, whatever the heck that is.  Sounds to me like a hole in the space-time continuum...and Santa is going to fly through it.  Certainly makes me think of Back To The Future.  "It's the flux capacitor, Marty"!

Anyways, hope you are warm and comfortable, wherever you are.  Unless you want to be cold, in which case I wish that for you.  You know what I'm saying.  Be good people, and thanks for stopping by.

BTW, this was taken on Maui, which is a place that totally kicks a$$.  I'm shutting up now, because this isn't going anywhere.  :-)