Sunset in Amsterdam

Ah, lovely Amsterdam!  What an interesting city!

I find Amsterdam to be very interesting.  It's a study in contrasts, really.  It's a city rich in history and culture, but it's better known as a party town.  It has incredible museums, but people go there for it's relaxed views on things.  The architecture is fabulous, and the old churches are beautiful.  It's really a great place.  More than many other towns, it wears these 2 hats equally well, I believe.

Being in my mid-forties and interested in the photography aspect of cities, I love going there, but obviously not for the party.  I enjoy seeing all the canals, museums, and architecture - and then photographing the heck out if it.

On my trip there last year, I wandered around while sunset and blue hour were approaching, as I was looking for a nice vantage point to get some shots that I hadn't seen before.  I was on the fringes of the Red Light District when I saw a little alley sort of thing that appeared to end at some water.  I wandered down that alley and was confronted with this wonderful view.

Since sunset was upon me, I fired away for a bit and then waited for blue hour too, since I always love to get nice reflections at that time of day, and the water was really still here due to very limited boat traffic in the canal.

That's one thing about HDR photography - while it's great most of the time, I find that it really excels during sunset and blue hour.  It just does so much more to a photograph than a single exposure can give you.