New Sweden Lutheran Church

Who knew the Swedes had a big presence in Central Texas?  Not me.

But they do.  You can read all about it on the interwebz if you want to.  I had heard a couple of things over the years about the Swedish immigrants who settled in Austin back in the 1800's, but really didn't know anything about them (and honestly, still don't).

But I just find that really interesting, mostly because Austin and Sweden have got to be so completely different.  It's amazing that back then, families would just pick up and move halfway around the world to someplace like Texas, sight unseen.  It's not like they could look it up on the web and get a sense of it.  Many people today wouldn't even pick up and move halfway around the world for something, despite everything they could learn from Googling it.

Anyways, outside of Austin is a little town called Manor, and outside of that sits this lovely church on a small road in the middle of a bunch of fields.  It's clearly an agricultural area, and this church dominates the landscape.  That 104 foot tall steeple is hard to miss!

I was there on a cloudy, overcast day and while editing the shot, I just felt like pushing it a little and going for a moody version, so that's what I got for ya today friends.

And since I am in the sharing mood, here's a "behind the keyboard" look at Color Efex Pro while I was editing the shot: