Evening in Temple Bar

The Temple Bar in Dublin - beautiful at night!

I love Dublin, and I say that a lot here.  There's a lot to love about that town.  One particular spot that I love there, probably more than all the rest, is the Temple Bar District, and the Temple Bar pub itself.  The area is basically their nightlife and entertainment district, and it centers on The Temple Bar pub itself, which you see in the photo.

The district has retained it's historic, sort of medieval feel and the streets are all cobblestone, which adds to the cultural feeling of the place.  Of course that makes walking a little harder, especially when I am carrying a large camera on a tripod and looking around, not down at what I am stepping on.  I haven't fallen over yet, but have come close a few times!  And yes this area is a magnet for tourists, but I don't care - I just love it.  It has so much character. 

My hotel preference is just a few hundred feet from the Temple Bar, so that makes it really easy for me to photograph it, especially at sunrise.  Whenever I am in Dublin, I always try and get up to shoot sunrise.  It's just amazing to walk these little cobblestone streets in the early morning hours, and not even see another person out.  I just love that.  Conveniently, it makes the photography a little easier too.  :-)

And in case you are wondering, yes this is an HDR photo.  I actually don't shoot too much after dark, but I was headed back to my hotel on the evening I took this one, and just couldn't resist a few more shots.  Of course, I do that a lot!