Sunrise at the Ferry terminal

Catching the first ferry of the day in San Francisco!

San Francisco is a wonderfully beautiful town, whether you bring a camera along to document it or not (though I obviously recommend you do).  When I am there I try to shoot as much as possible, which is hard because I am always there on business.  But somehow, I find a way.  :-)

Actually, "the way" is that I normally get up early and wander the streets before I get busy with work.  That's ok with me.  Though I like my sleep as much as the next person, I like photography better, so I make sacrifices.  Isn't that why caffeine was invented anyways??

On the morning of this photo, I was wandering around the Ferry Building area (which in addition to being close to my normal hotel, is also my favorite building in SFO) and shooting away.  It's a great area because in addition to the Ferry Building, just a few steps away is a great spot to shoot the Bay Bridge from.  It's all good.  In fact, that's the Bay Bridge off to the right there.

So I fired away inside the Ferry Building way before anyone else showed up, and then as sunrise was coming together I popped out back for some of that nice morning light that I alway seem to find out West.  I saw this Ferry terminal and decided it would look cool to snap it with the great color and light...and then a guy walked up to buy a ticket.  I decided to take the shot anyways, and am glad that I did.  I feel like having him there gives it a little different feel.  What do you think?