On the Paris Metro

This is the Paris Metro stop known as Cite.  It's awesome.

If you have been here before, you have heard me drone on about my love of train stations.  I need to figure out why that is.  I'm really not sure, but it's there, and it's BIG.  I just love them. So whenever I travel, especially in Europe, I always have an eye out for something cool.  That's actually harder than it sounds, because I love train stations so much that I could literally stop about every 10 feet and shoot in them.

Take this station in Paris.  It's amazing.  It's beautiful.  It's like an art deco sort of thing, but underground.  Oh you Parisians got it so good!  If you are traveling to Paris, note that this station, known as Cite, is really close to Notre Dame.  It's a few minutes walk from there, so it's pretty central and easy to get to.

In fact, I am actually lucky to have gone in here.  We were walking around when the skies decided to open up and just completely pour rain everywhere.  This was the closest bit of shelter to duck into, so we decided to just take the train to our next destination instead of making the walk.  Glad we did.

And thank goodness for that rainstorm!  When I descended those stairs into this...WOW!  I didn't give a dang about catching a train anytime soon.  I was really excited to shoot this place because...well...look at it!  Isn't it awesome?