Exploring Chinatown with my iPhone

Do you ever take a trip and use ONLY your iPhone?

I have done that at times, but not because I don't want to lug my full-frame NIkon around.  I've done it when I think there is absolutely no time for me to shoot on a trip, so I leave my big ole boy at home.  It sucks, but it happens.

Last week is a perfect example of this.  I work for a company based in San Francisco, and we had our annual kickoff last week, which is another way of saying that my days and night were all full.  But being who I am (and needing a little break one day!!) I slipped out for a little walk late one afternoon, and since we were in Union Square, I decided to head over to Chinatown for a little while.

If you haven't been, Chinatown is very interesting and a great place to walk around.  I have shot there once before, early one morning a year or so ago, and found it to be quite beautiful and interesting.  I hope to get back with my Nikon on a future trip.  So I wandered around the back streets and alleys, which I highly recommend doing, and also along the main drag, and took quite a few iPhone shots.

These are all single exposure iPhone pics (as opposed to shooting with ProHDR, which takes two exposures and combines them), and all are adjusted with Snapseed.  Snapseed is by far my favorite iPhoneography app, and you can see my quick review of it here.  I plan to write more about that later.  :-)

So, enjoy the pics and let me know if you have any questions!