Pennybacker sunrise

Two of my favorite things: sunrise light and the Pennybacker Bridge!

This is the Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, which is commonly known as the Loop 360 Bridge, since that is the name of the road that crosses it.  The other name of the road is Capitol of Texas Highway, which reminds me that if you ever come to Austin, be aware that we have at least two names for every major road.  I don't know why that is, but I'm pretty sure it involves alcohol.  :-)

Anyways...I am sure you have seen at least 20 million photos from this spot, because everyone takes them from here when they come to town, and locals like myself just love the place.  It's like going to London - everyone knows you are going to take a photo of Big Ben.  You sorta have to.  It's the famous thing to shoot.

So yep, this isn't new in any sort of way, and I am ok with that.  I just love standing up here with the sun shining on me and a slight wind blowing, watching all the cars pass this way and that.  It feels like you are on top of the world.  Everyone below is scurrying to and fro, and you can just relax up here, take some photos, and breathe.  It's pretty awesome.

And that tree!  I don't know how it keeps hanging on, but it does.  Hang in there baby!