A street scene from Paris

Isn't Paris just crazy beautiful?

If you have been there before, you know what I am talking about.  It seems at every turn there is something incredible to gawk at (and photograph, of course!).  It's very difficult to get anywhere in the city, since you want to stop every 5 feet and take a photo!

If you haven't been to Paris (yet!) then take my word for it.  Everyone knows it's a beautiful city.  I hope you do make it there some day.

This is a perfect example of just that.  While this isn't a traditionally beautiful Parisian scene (no Eiffel Tower, French cafe, or Arc in it!), I still find it very beautiful.

First, there are the cobblestones in the street.  That's just cool, and one of the things I love about old European cities.  Also, notice the architecture in the background.  You see that stuff EVERYWHERE in Paris.  It's awesome, but of course I love architecture so it really catches my eye.  And lastly, how about those lampposts?  They dot the city and I just love them.  

So if you ever get a chance, be sure and get to Paris and be sure to bring the camera!