Blurring past Big Ben

I take this same photo every time I go to London.

Am I redundant?  Unimaginative?  Bored?  Nope, I don't think that I am any of those.  Well, at least I hope not!  I just happen to really like the idea of this photo.  I think it represents a lot of what people think of when you mention London. (plus, I just think it's a way cool photo)

For starters, this is on the Westminster Bridge, which people may not know the name of, but they certainly know it when they see it.  Secondly, there is a double-decker bus in the photo, though you obviously can't really make it out clearly. It's in motion, after all.  Lastly, there is good old Big Ben himself.  Standing tall and proud, he's the best known symbol of England.  And he's a pretty incredible thing to aim the camera at.  In fact, I wrote a little dedication to him here once.

Even though I may show up here and take this shot many times over my many visits to London, it's really never the same shot. In addition to mixing it up a little in terms of composition, due to light and weather things are never exactly the same.  So next time you have a chance to go shoot, feel free to shoot something you have shot before.  I believe shooting the same thing over and over actually causes you to get more creative.

And by the way, this is not an HDR photo, though most of mine are.  This is just a single exposure.

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