Glasgow Power

Shot at the end of Central Station in Glasgow, Scotland

On my first trip to Glasgow a few years back, I made sure to visit their Central Station, because, well...I love European train stations.  I just can't help that.  Every time I visit another city in Europe, I make a point to get to the train station.  They aren't all awesome, but most of them are.  It's just something I love.

So I made a couple of visits to Central Station on that Glasgow trip, partly because my first visit was sort of an inspection.  I wanted to check it out, but the time of day was bad from a photographic standpoint. Too many people.  So, I nosed around and decided, yep, I wanted to come back.

Well, I got up early on Sunday morning and headed down the street to Central Station.  And for the record, Sunday morning is a GREAT time to try and photograph a train station.  All the workers that are in and out of the train station during the week are gone.  All the weekend users are probably not up and about yet (of course, that depends on how early you can get up yourself).  So it's pretty empty.

After shooting up and down the tracks, I wandered to the end of the grand hallway, where the trains first come into the station.  And after getting some shots back down into the station itself, I turned around and saw this.  Now, this isn't exactly anyone's idea of a grand, beautiful scene that you just HAVE to document.  But I loved all the lines converging, the general storminess of the skies, and the slight curve of the track...and decided it was better to grab the shot than to be haunted by thoughts of it later, which sadly does happen to me.  So, here it is, even if it was taken a few year ago.  At least I did take it!