A Fall sunset in Austin

Fall is my favorite season.  What's yours?

I love the Fall season.  While we don't get what you would consider the typical Fall season here in Austin, we do get some nice weather and a little bit of color, if you know where to look.  Many of our trees here are Live Oaks, which don't really do the Fall thing, or Cedar, which is evergreen and essentially a nuisance (it causes lots of allergy problems for people).  But like I said, we have pockets of color that occur.

This photo is a good example of what I am talking about.  You can see there is so much green on the hillside, but there are little pops of color here and there.  I was drawn into the scene thanks to that one tree, which was a beautiful orange color, and which was being hit with the last bit of sunshine, before the sun dipped too low and disappeared.  I just happened to be there at the right time.

I shot this HDR photo on the evening before our Thanksgiving holiday back in November.  We were together as a family, hanging out and enjoy the time together.  The family was kind enough to let me squeeze in a quick jaunt down to the lake for some shots, and some of them came with me.  It was awesome, and we got lucky with a beautiful sky and a nice calm lake with no boat traffic.  Nothing screws up a reflected landscape like a passing boat!

Shooting landscapes is something that I think everyone enjoys, and I am no exception.  It's just fabulous to gaze at a beautiful landscape, and then to capture it with the camera.  I love doing that, though I don't often have the opportunity to.  My travels mostly take me to cities, so when I do get a chance to shoot a landscape I am pretty thrilled!