Leadenhall Market

Here’s a shot from Leadenhall Market in London - what a place!  I could shoot here for a LONG TIME, and basically did when I finally found this spot.  I was there on a weekend morning, hence the fact that it’s mostly empty.  There were a few tourists popping in and out, and a couple of other photographers that I came across.  Other than that, it was all mine.  It was awesome.

That’s a great travel tip as well: if you want to find a popular spot mostly empty so you can shoot all you want, then show up early on a weekend morning.  All the tourists tend to sleep in, so it’s only the die-hards you have to content with!  I actually have quite a few travel tips here on the blog, which you can find here and here.

When I got off the train that morning, I guess my sense of direction was still asleep, because I took off in the wrong direction and it took me a bit to find it.  When I did, I spent the first few moments with my jaw dropped and my brain saying “wow”.  I really like stuff like this.

I also heard it was used in the Harry Potter movies as a stand-in for Diagon Alley, in case that rings any bells.  Once you get here and look around a bit, you can only think of Diagon Alley.  It’s almost like being on a movie set, or at least I think so.  I’ve never been on a movie set, so that’s more of an expression than a statement of fact!

Anyways, if your travels take you to London someday, be sure and pop into this spot.  You can find a list of all my favorite London spots by clicking here.