Blue hour on the River Loire

There always seems to be a little magic at blue hour, morning or night.  It’s such a special time of day, when everything is quiet and still, noises seem to be at a minimum, and the whole Earth feels like it is resting.  I love those moments.

I was out one evening in Amboise, a small town in the Loire Valley of France, and had been looking for interesting things to aim the camera at, which isn’t really very hard in this area - there’s something beautiful at every turn in France.

Anyways, I started out way across that bridge and behind the Chateau de Amboise which you see in the photo.  After crossing the bridge, I saw that little boat anchored in the swift-moving water, and wanted to take a closer look.  It took a little fence-hopping and trail-maneuvering, but was well worth it.  Interestingly, the boat wasn’t moving back and forth very much at all - must have been anchored pretty well!

It wasn’t long before my quiet revelry was disturbed by 3 little French boys who just wanted to make a new friend.  Sadly, my French language skills are terrible, so I barely understood much of what they said - apart from the constant “take my picture!”.  So I did.

They climbed up on that statue of Leonardo da Vinci and I popped off a quick shot with the flash.  It was fun hanging with them actually, even though I had no idea what they were saying.