Looking over Chenonceau

Well, back to the Loire Valley of France today - you don't mind, do you?  :-) 

I found the entire Loire Valley to be just strikingly beautiful.  Of course, I am a fan of all the amazing chateaux that I visited.  They all possess such a great combination of interesting architecture and incredible history - it's hard not to like them! 

Chenonceau is probably the most beautiful one there that I saw.  It's hard to pick a fave, but it would probably have to be this one.  The dramatic setting over the river certainly helps!  

Anyways, at some point during my wandering and shooting, I climbed upstairs and stepped out on a little balcony.  It had just rained a bit, and all the tourists scattered like cockroaches when the lights come on, so it was pretty easy to get such a clean shot (although I admit, I removed a couple!).