Denver architecture

Denver is a cool town, though I assume it gets overlooked a lot by folks who fly in there and immediately drive up to the mountains.  Can't blame them really, those are some great mountains!  But, I think the city is well worth a visit too.  I always find cool stuff to shoot when I am there. 

This is one such example.  There is a large complex downtown which is the Center for Performing Arts, and it appears to house several different event venues.  I've been in here and shot twice - once to avoid the rain, and once to avoid the snow.  :-) 

This was on the "avoid the rain" night and I was out shooting with Justin and Rick.  The rain was coming down pretty good, and since we were nearby, we popped in here for some shots (and to dry off a bit).  I can't resist shooting interesting architecture, so I was pretty happy to have the wide angle lens all set up and ready to go!  Cool place huh?