Malmo Central Station

Yep, it's another train station from Europe.  I tell ya, I can't get enough of them!   It's funny how much I enjoy them, because as a kid I don't remember having a huge train addiction, like a lot of young boys do.  But I sure love them now and always enjoy my trains rides when I am in Europe.

Anyways, I grabbed this on a Sunday afternoon after taking the train over to Malmo from Copenhagen.  Since it was such a quick trip (30 minutes), I had to get to Sweden!  Of course, though I have now technically been to Sweden, it doesn't really feel like it since I didn't go to Stockholm.  Do you think it counts?  I mean, I spent half a day in a city in Sweden...that counts right??

Regardless, I shot like crazy here because I just love all the lines.  Then I went and saw the town, which is pretty nice actually.