The Guinness Brewery gate

I love little scenes like this one...just love them.  This is outside the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland.  I spent that morning shooting around town, and then the rain started to come down on me, so I figured why not head over and check this place out?  I’m really glad I did.  The brewery is very cool.  It’s several floors of history (and beer!), there is a waterfall on the ground floor, and a skybar on top.  When you reach the skybar, they give you a celebratory Guinness - win!

So, I wandered around in the brewery/museum and enjoyed myself quite a bit.  It was awesome.  I spent a couple of hours here, and when I finally decided to head back outside, the rain had stopped.  Worked out great.

As I was walking around the building, I came across this old gate on the side of the factory.  It was open, which I thought looked inviting, and I couldn’t resist this shot with the cloudy skies and so much texture.  A good morning in Dublin!