Razing the old

“You raze the old to raise the new.” - Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

I was Googling for quotes about new beginnings, and that one came up.  I have never read the book and am not familiar with the author, but that quote kicks ass.  It’s so true, and so on target for me.

I haven’t said much about this here on the blog yet, but things are changing in terms of my photography and my blogging.  I have written some articles I want to share here, but they aren’t ready yet.  It’s nothing major in the scheme of things, just a collection of gradual changes that I am working through and I am excited about.  

You may actually never notice.  Like I said, it’s nothing major.  

But the first step for me was overhauling the blog, and if you have been here before and remember the site, you can (hopefully) tell this one is new and different.  I use Squarespace and have been on that platform for 4+ years.  It’s been great, but they did a complete overhaul to a new version of their platform a long time ago and I have just gotten around to upgrading.  It took a lot of work, but was worth it.  I feel like I stepped into a new age.  I’m excited.

So I razed the old, and have raised the new.  It's exciting when you have your own little corner of the internet, and get to make all the decisions about how it looks. 

And while I still have a bunch of loose ends to fix here and there, I went ahead and went live with it.  I just thought it was time.

BTW, this is a sunrise pic from outside of Nashville at Radnor Lake.  Sunrise seemed like an appropriate image for this.  Call me sappy if you want.  :-)