Chateau de Cheverny

It seems I have shared quite a few shots from my visit to the Loire Valley of France earlier this summer, but this is the first one from Cheverny.  Chateau de Cheverny is a grand estate and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there, but of course I say that about all these chateaux.  It’s hard not to enjoy stuff like this!

This one reminded me of a fairy-tale in that it seems there is a tiny village that has sprung up around the outside of the estate, complete with shops, restaurants, and a church.  It’s all quaint yet beautiful.  But clearly the chateau itself is the main attraction.

It has been in the same family for over 6 centuries, and has been continuously lived in during all those years.  Despite it being an occupied private home, they do offer tours, which we took.  As you can expect, there are the usual collections of grand, stately rooms adorned in beautiful ways.  It seems like a pretty good way to live, if you ask me.

There is also a museum of sorts dedicated to the old comic strip TinTin.  It seems the chateau itself appeared in one of the early editions of TinTin and they have had some connection ever since.  My daughter is a big fan of that comic, so that added an extra little bit of fun to the visit!