The shore of Loch Lomond

Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster?  I am not sure about the whole thing.  I want to believe, but it seems improbable.  It would be cool though, wouldn’t it?  I saw a show recently on the Discovery Channel about a prehistoric shark that was 100 feet long and they had some interesting snippets, videos, and photos to try and make viewers believe that it still exists.  That made me think of Nessie, which leads me back to this photo.  (Sorry, I ramble a bit, don’t I?)

I was in Scotland shooting around the shores of Loch Lomond (yes, I know Nessie is in Loch Ness, which is actually quite a distance from this place) and was all alone. It had been raining and with such dreary skies it felt like a rather dreary place.  Beautiful of course, but rather dreary.

Anyways, it felt to me like a time and place where I could encounter something like Nessie.  You know...eerily quite, I was all by myself, nature seemed a little moody...all that stuff.  It was TV-perfect.  Sadly, no prehistoric creatures showed up.  I was able to console myself by taking a boatload of photos.  I felt better then.  :-)