St. Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe

This is the interior of St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, NM.  It’s a beautiful place.  Normally I shoot the exterior when I am in Santa Fe, but on my last visit I made a point to try and shoot the interior, which was my first chance to do so.

I arrived late in the afternoon, which is my preference for shooting church interiors.  I find the afternoon light can help illuminate the interior a bit and bring the stained glass to life, but also they are generally not too crowded at that time of day (at least in my experience).

It turned out that the afternoon that I arrived was also the day the new Pope of the Catholic Church was decided in Rome...and he chose the name Francis.  So yeah, there were a few people around, but surprisingly it wasn’t too bad.  Also, it seemed everyone there was in a good mood, so they let me shoot all over the church without incident!