The Temple Bar

If you happen to follow me on Facebook, you likely saw a version of this photo that I shared there the other day.  It was a screenshot from Color Efex Pro of this as a work in process.  I like to share those things, hope you enjoy them too!

This is the famed Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland.  Every time I go there, I shoot this place.  I can’t help myself.  I have been 3 times now, and even though I was very happy with the shots I got the first time, I still make time to fire off some more of this same spot.  It’s just such a compelling scene to my eye.  I think I’m in love.  :-)

Now I am not one to go fill up the library with a bunch of redundancies, but isn’t that the beauty of photography?  Even though it’s the same scene, it’s never really the same, is it?  The light, the time of day, even the paraphernalia on the building will vary day to day, or at least visit to visit in this case.  So fire away, even when it feels like it’s “the same old stuff”. I think you’ll find that it never really is.

By the way, notice that those are Heineken signs hanging everywhere.  This in a town famous for Guinness!  It’s blasphemy!