Gruene, upstream

This is a really old photo, though I just got around to processing it last week.  I took it back in 2009, actually.  It’s been almost 4 years.  See what I mean when I say I will never catch up?  It’s ok, though.

I was thinking about why I wait on some photos, and why I march ahead on others.  I think it has to do with a few things:

  • I like other photos from that outing better, so lesser shots get ignored
  • I go somewhere new and forget about older, unprocessed shots
  • I prefer to process shots out of order - it's more fun for me (and hopefully you)
  • My processing skills will (hopefully) improve over time, so I wait on shots that are difficult to me for some reason
  • If I process it and don’t like it, I will wait until I can come back at it with fresh eyes and new ideas (even if that’s like, um, 4 years)
  • Software gets better over time and my tastes change, so things I don’t like at some point will possibly fall into favor with me in the future

To be clear, I do NOT delete shots I don’t like when I return from an outing, after dumping them all into the library and reviewing them.  Unless there is something seriously wrong with the shot (or set of brackets in most cases, since I shoot mostly HDR) I will hang onto it.  Why not?  Storage is cheap, and doesn’t take up any space in the physical sense.

Anyways, I am off topic here.  Bottom line, this is a shot I took about 4 years ago, but just processed and am just now sharing.  While it falls into at least the first 2 categories above, I still like it.

And by the way, this was shot along the Guadalupe River in Gruene, TX, from the bridge.  It’s a great little spot and now that I see it, I think I might have to head back down there this fall!  You can expect those photos in 2017!  LOL