The Inn and Spa at Loretto

Santa Fe is a wonderful little town.  If you haven’t been yet, I definitely recommend a visit.  There is just something relaxing about being there.  It must have to do with the vibrant artistic community there - seems art abounds at every turn, which is great.

But also the food is fabulous, especially brunch at Pasquale’s.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!  Ok, enough of that, I need to focus here. 

The other thing I enjoy immensely about Santa Fe is the architecture and thus the photo opps.  I find something beautiful to point the camera at every time I go there.  I was never a big fan of adobe or the whole Southwest look, but after spending time in Santa Fe it has really grown on me.

As far as hotels there go, The Inn and Spa at Loretto is a great one, and has a perfect location.  It’s just a short stroll from The Plaza, and offers up an incredible restaurant of its own: Luminaria.  And of course, it has this most beautiful entrance.  I just love everything about it, and it’s on the list of “shoot it every time I go”, regardless of the fact that I already have hundreds of shots of it!  Repetition is a complement, as far as I’m concerned!