Sunrise in Denver

I am a big fan of shooting at sunrise - I know, it’s hard to get up!  But more often than not, I am rewarded big time for my efforts.  Sure, I have my share of wasted mornings but generally I find that I get great light and of course there are no people around.  That makes it worth the risk for me.  I prefer to have empty scenes, especially because I normally shoot in cities, which are obviously full of people.

This photo is from a nice wintry morning in Denver, CO.  I had been up and about before most everyone else, firing off shots here and there and generally enjoying the hell out of it, despite the reasonably cold temps (it had been snowing).

As I was making my last little stop on my route back to the hotel, I came up on the 16th Street Mall just as the sun was trying to break through the thick clouds.  The snow had melted, which left a nice wet sheen on the pavement, and gave me a lot to work with.  That’s one of the great things about shooting in HDR - you just can’t get all this sort of stuff in a single frame.