San Francisco cityscape

It’s been a long time since I have posted a photo from the lovely city of San Francisco.  I’m not really sure why - I have a bunch of them still to share.  Then again, I have a lot of photos from other places to share.  While I enjoy having a lot of unprocessed photos to get to at some point, that’s also a challenge in that I completely skip places for long periods of time.  I just get tied up sharing photos from somewhere else.

But as I said, San Francisco is an incredibly beautiful city.  If I had enough money, I could totally live there.  It’s fabulous.  There are so many different little nooks and crannies, all with their own personality.  It’s very diverse, and that makes it interesting to me.

Here’s a perfect example of that.  This photo is of the Hotel Triton and the adjacent cafe, and it all has a reasonably modern look to it.  But the cool thing is that right behind my back while shooting this photo is the entrance to Chinatown, with a huge Chinese gate and large sculpture Foo dogs standing guard.  It’s just cool.

I grabbed this HDR one morning while out on a solo photowalk there.  I love cityscapes, and to me there’s nothing quite like capturing a city in the early morning, just before everyone is up and about and it gets all busy.  There’s a little peace to be found in moments like that, even in a city like San Francisco.