Sunset in West Austin

I love this spot in West Austin.  If you aren’t familiar (or haven’t been to Austin), then this is the Lake Austin (aka Colorado River) overlook at the Loop 360 Bridge (aka Pennybacker Bridge).  That’s something to know about Austin - we give everything here 2 names at least.  It’s designed to confuse visitors.  Usually it works.  

In addition to offering a wonderful view, this place is pretty close to my home so a short drive is all that’s required to get here.  Well, and a short but steep hike over jagged rocks while carrying a backpack full of camera gear and a tripod.  But other than all that, it’s a quick and easy place for me to go shoot.  I love it.

And sometimes, you show up here and something magical happens.  

This ranks high on my list of best places to take photos in Austin.  You can see my full (and ever-growing) list of all my favorites Austin spots here.