The Alamo

My photo library is expanding at a pretty rapid clip.  This is a good thing of course, but it also is a challenge.  It’s a good thing in that I have a lot of photos to process, so even when I am not traveling and have free time, I can find something photo-related to work on.  But the challenge is that I never feel like I am caught up on anything.  I am literally always behind.

Take this photo, for example.  In case you don’t recognize this, it’s The Alamo in San Antonio, TX.  I took this photo about 3 years ago, and am just now posting it.  See what I mean?  I will never catch up.

Honestly though, I don’t want to catch up.  If I catch up, that means I have not been taking photos, which means I am not pursuing my love of photography.  It probably also means that I have not traveled anywhere, and that’s just as bad.

So, here’s to always being behind!  It’s a great place to be! :-)