Austin reflected

Like any photographer in his home town, I have a handful of “go to” spots that I love to shoot from.  In my experience, you start out hitting as many spots as possible when you are new to photography (and the list of places you want to get to in your hometown never stops growing) but over time you develop a fondness for a few key spots.  This is one of mine.  I go back as often as I can.

The Colorado River runs through Austin, and we dam it up in several spots to form lakes.  This section is called Lady Bird Lake, but was previously known as Town Lake (and that’s what old-timers like me still call it).  As you can see, this section runs right next to the downtown skyline, which is why I like it.  I love shooting reflections, especially in HDR, and this is the best place for it in town.

You can find all my favorite spots around Austin here on my list.  Enjoy!