A Santa Fe sunset

I am not sure why, but it seems that the sunsets in New Mexico are always pretty spectacular.  The color in the sky is always very vibrant and saturated, and I love that.  I can imagine taking a lot of photos of the sky if I lived there.

I grabbed this shot one evening in Santa Fe, when I was up on top of the one hill in town, where you can find the Cross of the Martyrs.  While there are a lot of mountains outside of town, inside of town it seems there is just this one hill.

This spot offers a commanding view of the town, but since Santa Fe is not exactly a large town, and one without any skyscraper-type buildings, don’t go up there with expectations of shooting an amazing skyline shot.  There’s not really a skyline to shoot.

But that’s ok, because as you can see if you read my list of best places to shoot in Santa Fe, there is a LOT of awesomeness to shoot there.