Morning light at Big Ben

This is one of many photographs I have taken from this spot (or nearby) along the River Thames in London.  I do love that town.  The people are great, the scenery is fantastic, and oddly enough I’ve enjoyed great weather on every visit!  Even the food has been good.  Oh, and the beer.  Yep, that’s good too.  :-)

I grabbed this one morning on my last visit over there, back in May.  I went out for a quick solo photo walk, since my hotel was just a short stroll from there.  I shoot this view on just about every visit there.  So does everyone else, as it’s one of the classic London shots.

One thing that I always look forward to when going to London is walking along the River Thames.  There are a lot of great spots to shoot from, with historic, beautiful and interesting things to aim the camera at.  It’s all very fun.

I have a list of great spots to shoot in London here on the blog, so if you ever plan to head that way, take a look and consider hitting some of these spots!