Sunset in Austin

I just realized that my last 3 shots that I posted here are all from Europe, as are a large portion of my previous shots over the last little while.  In fact, my Europe category here on the blog has grown considerably over the last year or so, and is nearing 200 photos.  Obviously, I have been going to Europe a lot, and taking a lot of pictures there.  But also, I am a total Europhile.  I can’t help it - I just love the continent and everything about it that I have encountered thus far.

This got me thinking about how much of it I have seen.  So far, I have been to 14 countries in Europe, but not all as a photographer.  Some of these were visited when my wife and I quit our jobs and spent 2 months backpacking around over there, which was back in 2001.  And yes, it was as awesome as it sounds, in case you were wondering.  :-)

In the last couple of years I have been back several times, and with my love of photography, I have tried to do it justice.  I will keep trying, and keep sharing photos from there, because I have a massive amount of shots still to get to.

But, I also have a lot of shots to share from other places, some as far away as downtown Austin, about 20 minutes from my house.  That’s where I grabbed this photo, looking westward along Town Lake (which is now renamed Lady Bird Lake) into a fabulous sunset.  Sometimes, you can capture beauty right around the corner, instead of halfway around the world.