On the chateau grounds

I grabbed this shot on the grounds of Chateau de Chaumont, in the Loire Valley of France.  We had been in the chateau and walking around the grounds, and were heading back out the way we had come in.   Something about this scene just really caught my attention.  It’s funny, because I don’t recall noticing this shot when I was walking in...but it definitely drew my eye on the way out.  

Perhaps it’s the framing.  There are two parallel paths sort of converging on a narrow passageway between a couple of buildings, with the one on the left offering up a sense of unknown about what is inside that dark space.  Gloomy, somewhat ominous clouds overhead accentuate the mystery, to my eye. 

I think it appeals to me in a fairy-tale sort of way, like I just walked into a scene in a children’s storybook.  The architecture is a perfect fit for that, and the building on the left looks like it could house a horse or two. Because you know...every good fairy-tale has at least one horse in it.  Usually a black stallion.  Oh, and we need a princess.  Hopefully no dragons show up and eat the princess.  That would ruin the whole story, wouldn’t it?

Then again, it would be pretty awesome to take some shots of a dragon.  But of course, I would do that with the zoom lens so I could keep a safe distance away.  :)

Ok, where the hell am I going with all this?  I have no idea.