Berlin Cathedral

As I mentioned in a recent post, I just returned from a quick trip to Germany - and I mean quick.  I was gone for 5 nights, only 4 in a hotel due to losing an evening flying over.  From Texas to Germany is a pretty long way, made longer by the fact that I had 2 connections to make.  Suffice it to say, I arrived tired (I can’t sleep on planes).

But despite my exhaustion, I still found a way to get a few shots in.  I had a little free time one day and zipped over to Berlin, which is a fabulous city and one that I have always wanted to visit.

As is my custom, I made a list of spots I wanted to see and shoot before I left.  Near the top was the Berliner Dom, which is their marvelous cathedral, and which you see pictured here.

The day had been really sunny and so I expected all my photos to be rather boring.  Although I want to take great shots under great conditions, you don’t always get what you want, and I am ok with that.  That’s part of the deal with travel.

But the day turned cloudy and rainy, which may sound like a real drag to some of you, but for me it means that the sky became interesting.  So, by the time I made it here to Berliner Dom, the sky was all set up and I was much happier getting these clouds behind it than I would be with a boring old sunny sky.

Sometimes it works out in your favor!