Inside Madrid's airport

Have you ever been to Madrid?  If you haven’t, it’s worth a visit.  It’s really a beautiful town.  If you have, then you have probably been through their amazing airport, Madrid Barajas.  It’s an architectural masterpiece.  I could wander here for hours, shooting away (and actually have).

On my first visit here, I noticed all this awesomeness upon arrival, but didn’t have time to walk around and shoot, so I just arrived extra early on my departure day.  But on a subsequent pass through the airport (when I was supposed to connect to Vienna) I had several free hours because I missed my flight.  

Missing flights sucks in the US, but usually it’s doubly bad when you are overseas and trying hard to get somewhere....because you just want to get there.  But on that day, I really couldn’t do anything about it, so I just accepted it and went walking and shooting like crazy here.  Anything can happen when you travel, so I find you just have to make the mental adjustment and go with the flow.  

In this case, going with the flow involved me shooting a million photos in the airport, eating a jamon Iberica sandwich or two, getting re-routed on a flight to Rome, then connecting to Vienna, and meeting a driver at the Vienna airport for a lift to Bratislava...and arriving about 7 hours late.  It happens.