Leipzig Hauptbahnhof

Hahaha, I am back in a train station!  Are you getting sick of this yet?  No?  Good.  Though I posted a train station shot the other day, I just couldn’t resist getting this one out there too.  I mean, why not right?  I like to shoot them.  They’re pretty cool.  And hey it’s my blog, so there’s really no one to ask permission, except myself, and I am all about answering yes when asking myself ridiculous questions.

So if you follow me on Facebook, you may know that I was in Leipzig, Germany last week (and Dresden...and Berlin), since I shared a few iPhone shots from the trip already.  But this is my first “real” photo (I hate putting the word real in quotations, but I am trying to delineate my fun iPhone pics from my “serious” Nikon pics.  Oops, there I go again.)

Anyways, I was able to get out and grab a few shots in my free time (I know, big surprise Jim).  My hotel was literally 100 yards from the train station, and since I have an addiction to feed, I popped over there one evening and fired away...and fired away...and fired away.  Hey, that’s what I do.  I can’t help it.  That’s why it’s called an addiction.

At some point I wandered over to this spot and grabbed the set of brackets which led to this photo.  As the brackets were firing, I heard someone yelling something in German.  I don’t speak German except for a few bad words (and those were not being used) so I had no idea what was happening, and therefore ignored it so that I could keep shooting.  It turned out that it was a worker at the train station yelling at me.  

This section where I was standing was off limits to pedestrians/non-employees.  It’s sort of between trains, and not an area that you would board from.  But hey I was interested in shooting some symmetry (so I HAD to be in the middle), and if there was a sign there in German indicating “no access”, then I couldn’t read it, could I?  

So I had walked into this area and shot away, happily.  Well, until he got close enough to yell at me more forcefully.  Then I finished and left.  I said “I don’t speak German” to him in German, which may or may not have been totally accurate, but since I was done, what the hell.  :-)