Sunrise at the Loop 360 Bridge

Here’s another Austin photo that I shot recently from the Lake Austin overlook at the Loop 360 Bridge.  It’s my favorite spot in Austin, I think.  There are quite a few good ones, but this one is pretty awesome if you get the right kind of sky.

I shot this one morning while hiking with the family over there.  The sky had some fabulous deep blue color off to the West (that’s the right side of the photo), while the sun was trying hard to break through the clouds way off in the East.  It made for an interesting scene, in my opinion.

Plus, I just love this bridge.  It’s an iconic symbol of Austin, and it gets prettier every time I see it, which is often (it’s near where I live).  I also enjoy the challenge of shooting the same thing time after time.  Doing so forces you to overcome the monotony and look for interesting new ways to view a scene.  Worst case, the light is going to be different each time.  I wrote about that here once.

So get out there and shoot at something, even if it’s something you see every week!