The altar at Sainte-Chapelle

In keeping with the theme I started on yesterday’s post, about how awesome Paris is...I am sharing another Paris photo.  I tend to have a bias against sharing photos from the same city twice in a row, but like I said yesterday, Paris is pretty awesome.

One thing that I knew I wanted to photograph there was Sainte-Chapelle.  It’s a medieval Gothic chapel just a short stroll from Notre Dame, and well worth the quick walk over there (and the long wait in line, depending on when you arrive).  It is famous for its stained glass, which is what you see here (well, this is a part of it).

In person and close up, this is an incredible collection of stained glass.  It’s fabulous.  It’s the sort of place where you walk around, looking up, and saying “wow” a lot.  I know I did that.  In between firing shots like crazy, of course.

But note that this is not a big chapel.  Despite the long-ish wait in line, the actual visit doesn’t take too long, although I guess you could linger for a while.  There is also a lower chapel, which you enter through, and that’s worth photographing as well.  So charge up the camera batteries and get here early, there’s a lot to point the camera at!