Looking down on Paris

Have you ever been to Paris?  Everyone will tell you how wonderful it is, and how lovely it is, and how awesome it is.  I fully expected to get there and be like “whatever” about the whole thing.  Not because of any reason other than it felt like it was so “built up” in my mind, based on everyone always saying how great it is.

But I was surprised at how much I really did enjoy the city - in fact, I loved it.  I would like to get back, and soon.  It was really fabulous, all the way around.  Even the people were super nice - which is not the reputation the French have, at least towards Americans.

To be clear, I have been to Paris before.  In fact, I have been twice before this recent visit.  But I have never really seen it as a photographer, and that’s the angle I am coming from in writing this (of course!).  There is just so much to see and photograph there.

The city is just dripping with photographic awesomeness around every corner.  I found inspiration about everywhere I looked, even when I wasn’t looking.  I saw so much beauty and interestingness that it was actually hard to deal with.  I just wanted to stop and shoot EVERYTHING.

So if you hear someone say how awesome Paris is...they’re right.  It is awesome.

By the way, this is the view from atop the Eiffel Tower...you know, that little sorta-famous tower they have?  :-)