Along the River Liffey

One more shot from my recent trip to Dublin, Ireland...(with many more to come).

I grabbed this one while wandering late one afternoon in downtown Dublin, next to the River Liffey.  My hotel was facing the river, so that gave me easy access to walk out and shoot anytime (which is nice - but I assume that’s an obvious statement!).

Some folks don’t like to shoot HDR in broad daylight, and I can understand why.  A lot of times you just don’t need it.  But other times it really pays to do so, and in this case I felt like it was worth it.  The cloud cover overhead kept the day sort of dull, and HDR allowed me to get enough light all the way through the scene (and I processed it in such a way as to accentuate that).

Another thing I like to do is vary my processing a little, depending on the time of day that  the shot was taken.  I keep it brighter all the way through a shot like this, which was taken during the daylight hours - because your eyes expect to see a brighter scene and less shadows.  But when I shoot at the edges of the day and you expect more shadows, I tend to process that way as well. 

What do you do in situations like that?