Bayeux Cathedral

As part of our little family trip over to France, we wanted to make sure and visit Normandy, and specifically the American Cemetery located there.  We did, and it was a touching tribute to so many that lost their lives during the invasion.  As the weather was terrible that day, I didn’t grab too many pics there, but I have some that I will share at some point.

But one thing I did spend some time shooting was the town of Bayeux, which is where we stayed.  We had read online that it was a great base for exploring Normandy, and though we didn’t roam too far, it is definitely a well-positioned town for that.

I love to shoot in small European towns (and large European yeah I like to shoot anywhere in Europe I guess!) and Bayeux is just very charming.  I wandered the streets as much as I could there, and found some great spots.

One place in particular that I just loved was the Bayeux Cathedral.  I’m a huge fan of architecture, which you probably know by now, and this cathedral is gorgeous, inside and out.  I captured many shots of the fabulous exterior during blue hour one evening, and made a plan to return the next day to (hopefully) shoot the interior.

So the next afternoon (a Saturday afternoon) I arrived but sadly (for me, not for the couple) there was a wedding in process.  So I sat in the far back, and watched.  It was beautiful, but it’s sort of weird to be watching a wedding between two people you don’t know, especially when you weren’t invited.  :-)

Of course, I am not one to give up on my plan to shoot the place, but I knew I had to be stealthy.  So I waited and plotted my strategy, which was to fire my brackets handheld whenever they fired up the music.  Thankfully, the couple seemed to like music, so I got off plenty of shots during the songs.  But of course, I mostly aimed UP so as to capture the majesty of the place without the wedding party being in my shots.  I figured they already had a photographer!  :-)