Chateau de Chambord

As I mentioned in my last post, I just returned from France and saw a handful of incredible chateaux in the Loire Valley.  I freakin’ loved that place - it’s so awesome.  Seems like there is an amazing chateau down every little back road.  And to me, these things are like castles, which I love, so you’ll see a lot more shots and probably hear me say that I love them again and let me apologize for repeating myself now.  :)

This one is Chambord, and it is an incredibly large structure.  In fact, it's the largest chateau in the Loire Valley. It has 365 fireplaces!  That’s one for every day of the year, in case you need an easy way to let that number sink in.  As you can tell from the photo, it’s also a very impressive place, at least on the outside.

I have to admit that the inside is fairly empty actually.  Most rooms have a little bit of stuff in them like some furniture, paintings and animal horns - this was a hunting lodge essentially.  But most places are pretty bare.  The main attraction of course is this incredible exterior, and the roof.  The roof is amazing with all those chimneys and whatnot popping up everywhere.  If you pay to go inside and take the self-guided tour, you can get on the roof.  I did that, and yes I have the photos to prove it.  You’ll have to wait to see them.  :-)

Last thing - everyone takes the photo of this place straight-on, and I did that too.  It’s the classic shot of Chambord, and it’s wonderful.  But I also took a bunch of other shots from various angles.  This was one of the first that I fired, as I was walking to the center spot for that classic view.  I just liked it, and thought I would share it first.  Enjoy!